Many voices, woven sounds
loosely meandering, yet
tightly bound in harmony,
each line following
its own time
but tuned to another,
fabricating a flow
of music, a ground
of being, a belonging
one to the other:
exclusively inclusive
reflecting a perfect
social order.


  1. Tiege McCian says:

    I keep returning to this for a fresh perspective but a good take never comes to me. Maybe I’m suffering from brain drain. Or idiocy. It’s haunting, it confounds me. I only have hunches to throw out, is it a call for world peace? But we have to have war, it’s how we decide whose country is better!!!!!! Lol, best regards!


    1. Greg Hill says:

      On the surface its about listening to polyphonic music with its different melodic lines and cadences weaving around each other. But by implication its also about social justice and that no one is ‘better’ than anyone else, just different. Difference is part of what we are and we should live with it, and certainly not go to war over it!

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