Selected Critical Articles and Reviews


Llewelyn Wyn Griffith (Writers of Wales series, University of Wales Press, 1984)

Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales (contributor)
(Oxford University Press, 1986; republished since by University of Wales Press)

Diffinio Dwy Lenyddiaeth Cymru (contributor)
(University of Wales Press, 1995)

The Anglo–Welsh Review
between 1980 and 1988.

Work with students at Coleg Ceredigion
  on literary translation
led to the annual publication of
Bilingual Matters/Materion Dwyieithog (1989–1993).

On Alun Lewis
Alun Lewis: The War, the Darkness and the Search for Poetic Truth
CRITICAL SURVEY Vol 2, No 2, 1990 pp. 216-222

‘The Darkness That There Is’, Review Article on the Collected Short Stories of Alun Lewis
PLANET 86. April/May 1991

Alun Lewis ac Alun Llywelyn-Williams  (Yn Gymraeg/In Welsh)
yn Diffinio Dwy Lenyddiaeth Cymru  (Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1995)

On Ned Thomas
Ned Thomas and the Condition of Wales
ARIEL 23:3 July 1992  pp.73-84

On Chris Torrance
The Magic Door: The Poetic Quest of Chris Torrance
POETRY WALES  Vol 19 No 2  1983

Chris Torrance : The Magic Door and Beyond
POETRY WALES  Vol 40 No 3  Winter 2004

On David Jones
Review of The Shape of Meaning in the Poetry of David Jones
by Thomas Dilworth (University of Toronto Press, 1989)
POETRY WALES Vol 25, No 4  1990

Review of Reading David Jones by Thomas Dilworth (University of Wales Press, 2008)

On Jean Earle

Jean Earle : A Naïve Talent? (Re-published from the online magazine New Horizon)
Jean Earle, David Jones and Sir Bedivere’s Horse (Re-published from the magazine Poetry Wales)

On Geoffrey Hill
Review of Scenes From Comus

On Gerard Manley Hopkins
Prosody, Sprung Rhythm and Cynghanedd
POETRY WALES Vol 41 No 1 Summer 2005

On Gillian Clarke
‘Gillian Clarke as Editor’ -Chapter in Trying the Line ed. Menna Elfyn (Gomer, 1997)

On John Barnie
‘John Barnie : Biography and Autobiography’ – Chapter in Wired to the Dynamo ed. Matthew Jarvis (Cinnamon, 2018)

On Welsh Literature in English
Drowned Voices
PLANET 92 April/May 1992

An Apology for Literature
Planet 108 Dec/Jan 1994-95

‘Cyfieithu’ Welsh Keywords  LINK
(contribution to a series in PLANET magazine)

Review Article on The New Literature in Wales by Ian Gregson
PLANET 187 Feb/March 2008  pp 60-64

Promiscuous Parallels
Review of The Adulterer’s Tongue by Robert Minhinnick
(Translations of Welsh Poetry)
PLANET 164 Apr/May 2004

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