The Elizabethan astrologer and alchemist Dr John Dee had the obsidian mirror, a crystal ball and other items illustrated below, which he used to look into the Spirit World. More information about these items on The British Library site HERE

2 thoughts on “OBSIDIAN

  1. What surreal artifacts! Thanks for the informative link. Your output inspired me to take a stab at writing poetry again. It’s trash, turns out I’m no good. Lol. Do you get frustrated that a person “off the street” like me would just -attempt- poetry after reading your stuff, which took a lifetime of dedication and honing? I mean, I wouldn’t just watch some professional football on tv and then decide to give that a whirl.

    1. You don’t have to be a professional footballer to play football; neither do you have to be a major poet to write poetry otherwise how would major poets be discovered, or discover their own vocation?

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