Revolving Mirror

….. / …..

Looking in to see another self
In another world receding backwards
Like the one behind sinking
Into the glass, the flat reflection

Transposed leftwards and rightwards
Gaining new depth beyond
The transformed space around
Another self looking out to see

Another world, another self
Reflected through the flat glass
Looking in from the space around
Another self looking out

||: … :||

rorriM gnivloveR

….. / …..

fles rehtona ees ot ni gnikooL
sdrawkcab gnidecer dlrow rehtona nI
gniknis dniheb eno eht ekiL
noitcefler tafl eht ,ssalg eht otnI

sdrawthgir dna sdrawtfel desopsnarT
dnoyeb htped wen gniniaG
dnuora ecaps demrofsnart ehT
ees ot tuo gnikool fles rehtonA

fles rehtona ,dlrow rehtonA
ssalg tafl eht hguorht detcelfeR
dnuora ecaps eht morf ni gnikooL
tuo gnikool fles rehtonA

||: … :||

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