Escher’s Magic Mirror

To realise the plane of the mirror
in the sphere’s reflection and imagine,
at the same time, the space behind
in real time is to inhabit the world
and its other space simultaneously
so that the griffins in their continuous
flow in either direction between, fading
in hue in the liminal shadow of the angle
of perspective with its multiple view of the
worlds as well as the way through, discovers
a way of seeing as it portrays what is seen.


The image by M C Escher, which is copyrighted, can be viewed at:

One thought on “Escher’s Magic Mirror

  1. It seems like a departure from your usual subjects; nonetheless the spirit with which you tackle this has all the radiance of a Greg Hill poem. Due to my limited knowledge of M.C. Escher, and my association with your work to Celtic themes, my first thought was a possible allusion to the griffins of the Gundestrup cauldron soaring across the spaces between the focal subjects. Despite this being probably incorrect, I’m going to believe in my heart that it’s so.

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