The World


The World Marseille Tarot
from the Marseille Tarot
illustrated by Jean Dodal
The World Rider-Waite Tarot
from the Rider-Waite Tarot
illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith

The World is, of course, what it is.
So this figure bearing two wands within a wreath
Of protection, guarded at the four corners,
Is BEING - positively and negatively charged -
Watched over by what is beyond, Guardians
Of Existence, the end point of all that was,
And now is. And what will be?

And what will be, which is always what is.
There is no end which is not also a beginning,
No history that did not contain a prophecy
To be fulfilled. So the Loop of Time
Catches past, present and future
In the eternal moment of what is : The World.