Jean Dodal Tarot trump 11.jpg
 Jean Dodal -  Public Domain

Here she opens, but on some packs closes
the lion’s mouth;  and so interpretations:
Quelling ferocity, the passions, the world’s powers
or releasing dark forces under her control.
Fortitude, after all, is a virtue
which she embodies, her heavy clothes
and floppy hat enclosing her strength
like some governess ruling an unruly child,

Or the warrior, of whom it was said
‘he would hold a wolf-mane weaponless’.*
She too is a warrior and can teach us
to conquer fear, take hold of life with both hands
and shape a destiny out of resisting clay
as she shapes the jaws of her rampant beast.

* Said of Bradwen in the early Welsh verses ascribed to Aneirin and known as Y Gododdin