The Empress

Marseille Empress Rider-Waite pack - The Empress

from the Marseille Tarot
illustrated by Jean Dodal
from the Rider-Waite Tarot
illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith

he is the Queen of all she surveys
Empress not of an empire but of Earth
She is the nurturing force of Nature
Resplendent as the stars which are her crown.

She is Love in full flow running like the river
Through the World, the vibrant life of things
Blatant in its luxurious indulgence; she is
Careless of consequence and confident

As one who holds a sceptre of power
Wielded not for advantage but for delight
In pleasure and bringing forth life
Into the World which is her sovereign space.

She it is who speaks the names we have
By which we know who we are;
She it is who gifts us with desire
So that we serve her in our lust for life.

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