Identity and Change

Towards the end of the third volume of her re-creation of the life of Henry VIII’s fixer Thomas Cromwell,... Read More

Mirrored Lift

Out-of-body Experience In a lift, mirrored on three sides, we are descending through the floors and also receding endlessly... Read More

ALICE’S Looking Glass

When Alice went Through the Looking Glassthe room she found looked the same, at first,as the one she’d left,... Read More


The Elizabethan astrologer and alchemist Dr John Dee had the obsidian mirror, a crystal ball and other items illustrated... Read More

Escher’s Mirror Sphere

Not just a reflected room, deepeningto distance, but one that bends differently,its static space-time only moving relativelyif the hand... Read More

Escher’s Magic Mirror

To realise the plane of the mirrorin the sphere’s reflection and imagine,at the same time, the space behindin real... Read More


Revolving Mirror ….. / ….. Looking in to see another self In another world receding backwards Like the one... Read More